Special "Thank You" to CHTM Radio, The Thompson Citizen, RidgeStone Financial, the Meridian Hotel and the Assiniboine Credit Union for supporting us on our journey to give back to our community.

Meet Our Team

We started as four unique women who came together in support of a united cause the "100 Women Who Care Thompson chapter".  We have since grown our executive with 8 amazing women who's goal is to grow our Thompson chapter.

Most of us hold a certain charity or cause close to our hearts and thrive to give back to.  However, sometimes giving back can be a bit challenging because there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  Many of us are raising children, working full time jobs plus doing our normal day-to-day tasks, which doesn't always leave time for much else.  This is why this project works.  You only need to dedicate four hours a year of your time plus your quarterly donation.

We welcome all women and look forward to growing our group and making a huge impact in Thompson.

(Left to right top row)  Sandi Plett- Membership, Cara Butler- Communications Coordinator, April Saunders- President/Founder, Kimberley Rudolph- Secretary, Debra Allen- Social Media 

(Left to right bottom row)  Brenda Davidson- Public Relations, Joanie Jesso- Treasurer, Deanna Kondakor- Enrollment Facilitator