Special "Thank You" to CHTM Radio, The Thompson Citizen, RidgeStone Financial, the Meridian Hotel and the Assiniboine Credit Union for supporting us on our journey to give back to our community.

How we Work

Each member commits to donations $100 each meeting, four times a year. 

          We meet once per quarter: 

          The first Wednesday of March, June & December

          The second Wednesday of September

Meeting are diligently conducted and held in one hour or less.

Members who have registered by signing a commitment form, and who are currently in good standing may nominate an organization or group for consideration.

All nominated organizations will be voted on electronically to determine the top three member choices. These three organizations will present their project at the quarterly membership meeting.

Each registered member who is current with her donations will vote by secret ballot for one of the three organizations.

          Groups will have 1 vote per group.

Each member than writes a cheque in the amount of $100 to the organization that received the most votes.

The selected organization will receive a donation of the amount collected depending on the number of members, up to $10,000.

Members who did not vote for the winning organization agree to make their donation regardless.

Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the organization.

Members who are unable to attend a meeting are obligated to give their cheque to another member to deliver on their behalf, or you can drop off your cheque to the Sun Life Financial office location at 7-90 Thompson Drive (same parking lot as Pizza Hut) or send an INTERAC e-transfer to 100womenthompson@gmail.com (may use 100women as the password).

Organizations under consideration must serve the community of Thompson MB, and must provide individual tax receipts directly to the contributing members.

An organization not selected at one meeting may be submitted again at a subsequent meeting.

A successful organization will be eligible for future consideration after a two year period.

If the amount donated is less than $10,000, the organization will be eligible for considerations after one year. 

In the event of a tie, a revote will take place between the tied charities.  Only members present at the meeting can vote, as proxies will not apply to a secondary vote.

Proxy votes must be received no later than 4pm the day of the meeting to be counted. Proxy votes sent in without donation will not be counted.

The selected organization must agree not to give out member information to any third parties except for tax purposes.

Each meeting will have a five minute update by the successful organization from the previous meeting, on how the funds donated were used.  This will occur while the votes are being counted.